White Label Chat GPT3 FAQs

Is this really Chat GPT3?

Yes, and no. The content generator is powered by DaVinci and the Chat GPT3.5 Clone is powered by the Chat GPT Turbo API, the latest available conversational model released in March 2023.

Who created this application?

We worked with a talented group of Bubble.io developers to create a series of products that would help the GoHighLevel community. The owners of this project are Javier & Shawn, which also own their own award winning SaaS, LeadDragon.io, award winning agency BrandLyft.io, and help coach other SaaSpreneurs over at SaaSpreneur.com.

How can I trust you guys?

That is a freaking fair question. First point, we work with the ACTUAL developer team that build the OG template and source code you see being duplicated and being sold for ungodly amounts of money in the community. Lifetime this, crazy monthly fees that. The straight answer here is this: You can't get a lifetime version of ours because it resides on Bubble.io servers, and the folks selling you similar lifetime versions know that, and as soon as they stop paying their Bubble.io monthly bill, your lifetime access goes bye bye.

We try to be as affordable as possible and we can even show you how we built it. However, instead of you buying your own template, paying a developer to customize it how you want, and paying one of Bubble.io's monthly fees, we have everything setup for you. We maintain the web application and you have someone to come to in case stuff stops working. Because stuff WILL stop working if you're maintaining your own database.

Also, we have a pretty cool affiliate program where you can easily use our tool for free and some. Also, AGAIN... we are HighLevel partners and this product was made with love for the HighLevel community by our team over at BrandLyft.io. You can check out the kind words Chase & Paulson have for us. 🙂

How do I create my OpenAI API keys?

Please watch this loom for a short overview on signing up for OpenAI and create OpenAI API keys required.


How many words can I generate a month with the Content Generator

On our legacy plans, you could only generate at maximum of 500,000 words a month. If you provided your own API key, you can go full throttle and generate unlimited amount of words a month.

How do I track my usage?

You will track your usage in your OpenAI API portal. Once logged in to your OpenAI account, visit this link to view usage: https://beta.openai.com/account/usage

How do I install this in my GoHighLevel account?

Super simple. Simply visit your agency settings, click settings, then “custom menu links” and paste your unique link as a menu item for your users. Do note that your link will only iframe if the URL matches the app domain you gave us in setup form submission. If you’re having trouble, please reach out to us at [email protected]

I haven't received my iframe link

Please make sure you've filled out the activation form post sign up. This form creates your iFrame link and emails it to you. Please check your junk / promotions / spam folders as well. It arrives within 5 minutes. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

My iFrame isn't working

First, please clear cache! We have one known bug on Chrome with certain extension that block pop ups and iFrame cookies. Please email us a loom video and a list of your extensions to [email protected] so we can provide assistance. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

How do I update our OpenAI API key?

At the moment, we are developing a backend dashboard for you to manage your API keys. For the time being, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Can I use my iFrame link as a stand alone link?

Yes you can!

What if I'm not a Go High Level SaaS and I need to embed it?

Awesome, we care about you too. Please watch this video on how to generate your iFrame Code.